Digistar Users Group Library
The Digistar Users Group maintains a library of Digistar objects, scripts, and shows. The primary library is hosted on a server at Evans & Sutherland and is accessible via FTP program. Please use a purpose-built FTP application to access the DUG FTP Library. Please do not use a web browser or Windows explorer to access the FTP library. E&S has had good success using FileZilla.

Note that the server "ftp.es.com" hosts several FTP "sites". A unique user name is required to access each FTP site. Current/Active DUG members can obtain the user name and password from the DUG Treasurer: treasurer@digistardomes.org.

Questions about the DUG FTP Library should be submitted to the DUG Librarian: librarian@es.com.

Group Photo (1997)
Business Meeting (2008)