Digistar Users Group Library
The Digistar Users Group maintains a members-only library of Digistar objects, scripts, and shows. Since 1990, the DUG Library has collected more than 87,000 files and over a terabyte of data that is available for use by current members of the Digistar Users Group. Members are asked to credit “Digistar Users Group” and the creator of the content when using DUG Library materials on their domes.

The primary library is hosted on a secure server at Evans & Sutherland, and a copy of the Library is accessible to DUG members via a secure URL. Members should use an up-to-date Internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Edge, to access the DUG Library. Internet Explorer will not be supported after 30 September 2020.

DUG members can find the DUG Library links in the Members section of this website. The DUG Treasurer, treasurer@digistardomes.org, provides a password to sites that have paid current dues.

Questions about the DUG Library should be submitted to the DUG Librarian: librarian@es.com.

Group Photo (1997)
Business Meeting (2008)